Knees and BodyTalk

Have you ever heard of the saying “going weak at the knees”? It comes from the
fact that the knees are related to fear so when you have a fear of failure or fear of not being
good enough it can lead to weakness in the knees. Have you ever noticed how often top athletes blow their knees out just before the play-offs?
• The knee is primarily controlled by the kidneys energies, which relate to fear and willpower.


Ankles and BodyTalk

Did you know that the ankle relates to decision making? This is why indecisiveness can cause instability in the ankle. Any time you “take a big step forward in life” and are
faced with a particularly big decision – such as moving house, changing your job, getting married – you are that much more prone to twisting your ankle, or worse. This is your body
telling you not to rush into things and even to “take a step back”.

• The Gallbladder and Liver meridians run along the outside/front of the ankle and
are the systems involved in planning and decision making where as the stomach/spleen control

the inside of the ankle which represent the ‘thinking through’ and worrying about things. So when people
have endless worry about a decision this will create instability in the ankle.

RPT and BodyTalk Distance/Remote Sessions Discounts!

RPT Sessions

RPT sessions can be done over Skype (a stable Internet connection is essential, video is not, but it is helpful)
Skype account to contact is Anto75uk
RPT sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes with a follow up of 15 minutes after two weeks
For a limited time, to make RPT known in Europe I offer the first session at the discounted rate of 100 euros
Following sessions are 130 euros each
As an added discount the price of the first session can be deducted from the price of the next RPT course in 2018 in Florence!
Payments are made via paypal to prior to the session, but of course after making an appointment with me on Skype

To know more about RPT please go to

Distance BodyTalk Sessions

Free Skype chat, contact me on Skype: anto75uk, tell me about your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, what you would like to heal and transform and change and discover how I can help you!

Bodytalk sessions can also be done at a distance, with the same effectiveness.

How and why does a Distance Session work? Read all about it here

and take a look at a sientific study on BodyTalk Distance Sessions here

One session can sometimes solve one of your problems, but more often than not either we have more than one complaint, or a few sessions may be needed to take care of a chronic or stubborn problem.

The main fear most people have is that it’s gonna be endless therapy, sessions upon sessions for months on end….and maybe just for one problem or two!

That is not healing, that is unacceptable and unethical practice!

Usually 3 to 5 sessions are usually all it takes to solve your main complaints

Additional sessions can be done as a form of preventative healthcare or to address other issues that remain or that come up in day to day life

For first-time clients I offer this Introductory Offer:

3 sessions for 196 euros instead of 240 euros

In-person and Distance Sessions can usually cost up to 100 euros per sessions, I offer this discount so that many more people can afford to receive the benefits of BodyTalk

You can learn more about BodyTalk here:


This has been an intense life-transforming session. I have been able to identify the origin of my issue and heal parts of it, it’s quite weird and there’s a lot to take in, I have felt a change. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. xx

Patti Dunford
I feel amazing! Antonella helped me so much. Thank you so much!

Angela Constable
Absolutely spot on! Wonderful session; Antonella is a warm,friendly and amazingly accurate professional. Will be booking another session with her. Thank you

Audreonna Capla
Antonella was very helpful. She was intuitive , patient, and she listened well. I look forward to working with her again.

Lisa Halliday
I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Antonella. She is a great therapist. The session was deep and profound, Thank you


Linda D.

I really appreciate the very deep session with Antonella and how I was I was able to connect to the source of my main issue and other related issues that have influenced my life so I could release stuck energy and I feel confident I can move forward in my life. Antonella was very supportive, patient, kind, understanding and professional Thank-you so much Antonella!

“I’ve been feeling sharper mentally, good energy
I’ve been doing the Kousmine method to deal with MS, which has allowed me to avoid taking any drugs for more than 5 years now, with no relapses. Anyway, traveling around to courses and eating strange food hasn’t been the best, but I haven’t had any drastic consequences yet. One thing I am happy about is that all this traveling and not sleeping and eating junk hasn’t made me lose motor control, which is what would have happened a few months ago. Some days I have heavy legs, but they get better with Reciprocals. It’s got to be the BT sessions!”


Antonella, thank you so much for your 3 sessions of Bodytalk.
Even though you are in Europe and I live in Hawaii, I could feel you tuning in to me for each session.
I have a long health history including chronic fatigue and immune imbalance in my 20’s for 9 years and more recently depression and brain function issues and chronic thirst. Although its hard to say what specific shift relate to Bodytalk, all the links felt intuitively on target.
My chronic thirst has resolved which was my primary concern and reason for contacting you, nothing in the body can work well dehydrated.  Prior to your sessions I would drink lots of water and it just went though straight to the bladder and out without quenching my thirst … very hard to address that without something like bodytalk.
I’ve also noticed that some food sensitivities have resolved (garlic used to make me thirsty, peanut butter meant a trip to the toilet 20 minutes later  – both resolved), and respiratory allergies seem less.
You did a vivaxis times 3 to a large room – which happens to be the room I live and sleep in which is beautiful….but does feel hard to orient and settle into for some reason, so that link was welcome.  And lastly, the link with a definition of saddness to, unburdening, to individuation felt very on target.  “Love makes me sad” and teary has been up for me for 2 years – it became a really out of balanced reaction and has been one of the things my homeopath used to select a remedy for me which I was taking regularly.  I now feel intuitively that it is no longer needed.
Many thanks, I have no doubt these 3 sessions have been deeply healing.  Even my interest in spirituality has rekindled.  Before it felt like I had lost my curiosity for realizing what is really ultimately true here.  Inquiry and a desire for meditation have returned. 

Much Aloha from Hawaii, Sam McKinley CBP and Nurse Practitioner (APRN)

Cool stuff.
I have always been a pancreas, liver kind of guy in chineses medicine so to me you are really in tune, and the doctors wanted me to have a liver biopsy years ago and suspected that I had a fatty liver, so for you to tune in and figure all that out remotely is nothing short of astounding.
I went to bed last night at 9pm and slept until 9am this morning and that is unusual for me.
So thanks so much for the work that you have done and continue to do.

Jimmy Mack
Clearwater Florida USA

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Famous Testimonial for the BodyTalk System

Annika Sorenstam, famous golfer, she was told by her BodyTalker that the problems in her hip were because of things that went on in her personal life. It turns out it was a mental thing that made her fragile in a physical way.                                                                                                                                                         Thanks to BodyTalk, Annika is now back swinging her clubs the way she wants.
• “They used a new therapy called ‘BodyTalk’ and told me I probably got the problems
in my hip because of the things I’ve gone through in my personal life. It was a mental
thing that made me fragile in a physical way. All was fine after September. I can
swing the clubs like I want now.”

Annika Sorenstam

Una bellissima testimonianza da Olga Chernenko dalla Russia:

Ho avuto circa 10 sessioni di BodyTalk con Antonella e ho ricevuto più risultati di quelli che mi aspettavo .
Avevo mal di cuore, insonnia e mi facevano male gli occhi. Già da 2 mesi non ho più questi problemi.
Ma durante il lavoro di Antonella le ho detto che ho difficoltà nelle pratiche spirituali perchè non ho niente visualizzazione. Chiudo gli occhi e non vedo nulla, buio completo. Prima facevo esercizi per sviluppare questa capacità ma senza risultato.
Un giorno Antonella ha lavorato sul mio terzo occhio e dopo questo giorno situazione è cambiata molto! Quando chiudo gli occhi adesso vedo diverse figure, colori, ornamenti… Credo che a base di questo potrò sviluppare visualizzazione. Che meraviglia – dopo una sessione il problema su cui lavoro da tanti anni è cominciato a risolversi!
E ancora una cosa meravigliosa. Antonella mi ha detto che lei ha tagliato la connessione energetica inutile con il mio lavoro precedente. Non credevo che posso avere qualche connessione con il mio lavoro perchè non ci lavoro quasi da un anno.
Recentamente ho incontrato la mia ex capa e lei mi ha detto che i ragazzi con cui lavoravo chiedono se lei mi vede, come sto e se visito loro? Mi sono meravigliata tanto! Sembra che la connessione di cui parlava Antonella esistiva veramente.

In generale dopo il lavoro di Antonella mi sento più calma e più decisa di prima. Da parte di corpo ho notato che quando mi sveglio la mattina non ho quasi blefaredema, anche se da sempre avevo gli occhi gonfiati la mattina. Sento anche leggerezza nei movimenti e sentimenti. Sono cambiata in modo positivo anche se difficile riconoscere tutto. Sento che respiro liberamente e ho fiducia alla vita!

Digestive Disorders and BodyTalk

Digestive disorders include Heartburn, Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers, Diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Chronic Constipation, and Diarrhea.

The digestive system stores neuropeptides – the same molecules that make up your brain – except
we have 10 times more neuropeptides in the body than in the brain!
By using a technique called Active Memory, BodyTalk is especially successful at retrieving and neutralizing the thoughts and emotions
stored in the tissues including the gut that have become pathologies. The consciousness of the large intestine relates to the idea of
letting go of the past, e.g., old resentments, trauma, or former relationships.
Environmental factors can affect the internal chemistry of your digestive system.
Stress relating to your boss, mother, son, or husband can directly affect the intestinal lining of your digestive tract, minimizing the absorption of vital nutrients.

BodyTalk assists the body to produce its own digestive enzymes and regulate its stomach acids in order to assimilate foods within the small intestine that previously caused harm
or discomfort

BodyTalk is a holistic form of therapy that recognizes the interrelationships within the body/mind and works to achieve balance and healthy communication among all body

“All disease has emotional, psychological, spiritual, nutritional, and physical dimensions, each of which plays a distinct role.”
– Christiane Northrup, M.D.

BodyTalk is Whole Healthcare:

The BodyTalk System is designed to address the “whole person”. This means that no aspect of the human experience can be overlooked, whether it is emotional, physical or environmental.
BodyTalk was developed as a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of any person, animal, or plant.
As WholeHealthcare, BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom,
BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their unique-story

                                           Contact me on Skype and tell me about your story!

Level 2 RPT: Re-Conception and Key Development Events

Level 2 RPT is our most popular course because it takes you on a unique journey that seems to turn the very concept of therapy inside out. On this course you will learn how to apply the RPT techniques (from Level 1) in innovative new ways to achieve extra-ordinary results. This is literally something unique – there are countless therapies in the world, but absolutely nothing like this.

The course is broken into four distinct sections which are best described separately:
* The Art of Re-Conception
* The Key Developmental Events Model
* The easy way to heal Birth Trauma
* The Journey of the Soul (a powerful metaphorical journey)

The Art of Re-Conception

Many aspects of our life, health, abundance, relationship patterns and more are written in stone (metaphorically) at the moment of our conception. The story of our conception (e.g. “dad didn’t want a baby” or “mum had a headache…”) forms a key part of our identity. The precise nature of the relationship between mum and dad – how they connect with each other – forms a blueprint for our life path.
In the Re-Conception we create an intuitive blueprint or map for how our parents connected with each other and how their dynamic related to your conception. The RPT tools (from Level 1) are then used to change this story. This means changing your conception blueprint.
The results from this process are remarkable. In fact we use this technique whenever a client has a problem that we can’t solve. If there’s a symptom with no known cause (especially if it’s tied up with their “story” of who they are), this is the technique to change it.

The Key Developmental Events Model

There are approximately 10 key moments that occur to every person around the time of conception. These processes are so “natural” that we never stop to think about them or their impact. These moments include ovulation, fertilisation and implantation. Because these processes are “normal” we assume they are perfect. However in fact tiny “micro-traumas” occur to the sperm and egg (and the fertilised zygote) during their journey. Whilst tiny, these micro-traumas create what are called epigenetic changes (they can switch genes on and off).
In simple words – the journey of the sperm and egg is a hidden part of your psychological and physiological make up. These are the hidden keys to your health and well-being.
Each of the developmental events opens the door to healing and changing a different part of your life. These doorways include:
* healing of sexual, emotional and physical abuse trauma;
* re-balancing of healthy levels of masculine and feminine characteristics;
* releasing parasitic behaviour patterns and protecting yourself against parasites (human or microbes);
* adjusting easily to rapid change and growth;
* no longer feeling a need to hide or be invisible in order to feel safe; and many more.

The best part about the Key Developmental Event (KDE) work is that we already know what the keys are. In every other therapy it’s necessary to spend hours digging to find the root causes of your problems. But with the KDE work, we already know the cause. The only question is “how profoundly are you able to change today?”

The easy way to heal Birth Trauma

The moment of birth is arguable the most defining moment in our physical existence. Although we may have no conscious memory of it, there’s no doubt that this moment had an impact on us. (If you doubt this, just consider: your first decisions or associations about the world – is it safe for me or not? – are made in this moment on a deep instinctive level.)
There are healing techniques devoted just to this question of healing birth trauma (e.g. “Re-birthing”). Generally these techniques require many sessions of heavy breathing techniques – some people find that the treatment is almost as traumatic as the original problem!
RPT provides an incredibly safe, gentle and easy way to heal the trauma of birth. The most important step is to transform your emotional state (as it is recorded in your body’s memory) just before, during and after the birth process.
Some of the most remarkable instant healing (including instant physical changes) that we have seen in RPT occurred immediately after using this gentle birth trauma release.

Journey of the Soul

The Journey of the Soul is a remarkable story that unlocks several key aspects of our personality. These include our ego and control issues, our sense of purpose (or Soul Purpose) and our ability to integrate into our physical body.
To some people the Soul is a vital part of the self, a spark of spiritual consciousness. Others regard it as an illusion or story. Either way (whether the journey of the soul is real or a metaphor), this exercise is a vital part of your self-development journey.
In the first phase of the journey we imagine the soul going back to where it came from, dissolving into nothingness (”like a drop of water falling into the ocean. You can remove a drop but you can never get the same drop back”). For many people this triggers intense ego and control issues.
In the second phase, we imagine the return journey – coming back from Oneness with a new sense of purpose. Many people don’t want to leave – triggering their feelings that they aren’t safe or wanted in this world, or that they don’t have a clear sense of purpose.
In the final phase, we witness the union of the soul and body. Many people live their lives either in the physical (disconnected from the soul and its purpose) or in the soul, struggling with the concept of a physical existence. In New Age literature this latter group are commonly called “Earth Angels.” Common symptoms include uncontrolled gain weight, financial difficulties and a tendency towards co-dependent relationships.
Using advanced RPT techniques we guide you through transforming all three parts of this journey. At the end you will feel very different. You will be able to let go of the unhealthy part of your ego, you will have a new sense of purpose and you will feel good about living a higher purpose within your physical form.

Prerequisites: Level 1 Reference Point Therapy: Healing That Works
Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable – e.g. to a later course.