How can we really help ourselves in our dark moments? How can we help our clients feel better quickly and clear their issues permanently?

Our lives are really difficult, every day reality asks courage of us, but sometimes we can’t make it alone without some help. We get anxious, depressed, and we have “diseased” emotions. Then if we add traumas we have experienced to those emotions and problems we seem to go round in a never-ending circle.

What can we do when we can’t sleep at night, when fear takes control of our lives, when insecurity stops us in our tracks?

We have to help ourselves or we have to look for help; we owe it to ourselves, we deserve it after so much, suffering.

We need to be able to help ourselves, and if we also are holistic therapists, psychologists, or even friends, family, we need to be able to help professionally, following a method that brings results, quickly and without months or years of therapy. And here is where RPT shines!

The only RPT course in Europe will be held in Italy.

RPT was created by Simon Rose, an Australian therapist, and it can really help us. No more palliatives, and emotional band-aids.

The course will be taught by his most valued colleague Leila El Moria, and it is both for people who want to work on their emotions and for people who want to use RPT in their practice. RPT is painless since it doesn’t bring up the pain we have suffered and it’s fast acting, and the results are permanent. It is a technique that really cures and holistic therapists and international psychologists, especially in Russia, widely use RPT in their practice after seeing the huge benefits. RPT can be used as a self help tool as well, and that is just one of many benefits of the technique! The course is not very cheap since it’s an international course, and RPT is the fruit of many years of work, and translated in different languages. If you want to give yourself a priceless gift we look forward to making this inner journey that will gift us a new perception of ourselves and a newfound emotional well-being.

Please write to if you are interested, registrations are closing very soon.

BodyTalk Distant Healing Studies

Here you can find an abstract of a Distant Healing Study done by the Centre for Biofield Science in Pune on the effectiveness of Distant Healing with BodyTalk along with some Thermal and Bio Contrast and Gas Discharge picture

Here is another study published on the Journal of Pain Management that shows a 71% improvement or disappearance of chronic pain with distant sessions, compared with the 30% improvement of the placebo control group

Arthritis and BodyTalk

Several common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Lupus, and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

BodyTalk discloses and works with the underlying causes of any type of arthritis rather than diagnosing the disease.
As always, BodyTalk uses the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms to facilitate healing, re-establishing lines of communication in the body that have been blocked.
Sometimes the breakdown in the body’s internal dialogue that brought on the arthritis occurred many years ago, yet is only now causing discomfort.

BodyTalk approaches the entire condition from many angles:

•The buildup of uric acid crystals around the joints (gout) can be addressed using the
digestive and metabolic systems.

• Balancing the client to barometric pressure can help the body adjust to a difficult climate.

• An old injury or accident can be storing trauma or emotions, release of which can help relieve a client’s symptoms.

• Parts of the body can be addressed through their consciousness. Arthritic knees, for example, can be addressed through the consciousness of knees: fear of walking forward in life.

• The belief systems that dictate the rules by which we run our lives can affect the body. An over-rigid belief system may cause stiff joints. Releasing the belief system in question also releases the stiffness

BodyTalk is Whole Healthcare:

The BodyTalk System is designed to address the “whole person”. This means that no aspect of the human experience can be overlooked, whether it is emotional, physical or environmental.
BodyTalk was developed as a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of any person, animal, or plant.
As WholeHealthcare, BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom,
BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their unique-story

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Why BodyTalk AND RPT, or the reason why I use two different modalities

Why should a BodyTalk Practitioner be interested in RPT as an Other Modality?
While it’s true that RPT in itself does work with traumas, and that may seem redundant (since we work with Active Memory, with the 8th chakra, with Networks and Threads and Search and Retrieval in BodyTalk) it’s really not redundant

1) RPT gives us more knowledge we can work with, more questions to ask Innate, it teaches us about 10/12 points during gestation and the specific trauma that can happen at those points and how it can affect us and our clients in life. Usually clearing trauma at that level clears all subsequent traumas. For instance there is a specific point that when treated clears all abuse trauma of our life, and that’s just one out of 30+ identified traumas that can happen in utero at these point that can clear all subsequent trauma of the same nature
2) It works with and improves coherence and communication, the basis of BodyTalk, of the different minds. We have about 10/12 minds or centers of consciousness (most of which are dealt with in Level 3) and in Level 1 and 2 we focus on the coherence of 3, the head, heart and body minds. As you well know more communication and coherence means better health and it also means better zone depth for the BodyTalk practitioner, who can work with a deeper activation of Innate, a deeper communication. Imagine what the communication and coherence of 3 brains (let alone 10/12!) can mean for you. This coherence is achieved through a technique and through clearing traums in these brains
3) it gives us more information of secondary benefits and hidden gains and how to work with them at a different level than with permissions, it deals with them in particular at a deep level and much much faster than with EFT or similar modalities


4) While in BodyTalk we work with priorities and we don’t diagnose, often a patient comes in with a specific issue and wants both immediate relief and and conscious active participation in their healing. They may not be content to lay on the table and relax during the session, they may want to feel they have an active participation in the healing that is taking place, an active participation that goes beyond the homework that sometimes comes up as a priority at the end of a BodyTalk session. We have all had one session miracles when the patients felt better immediately after the session, but more often than not, unless specific agenda session are a priority, the client leaves the session with an idea of the time it will take for the session to begin yielding results and a time for the complete processing of the session, but no immediate relief. With RPT instead, they will have immediate lasting relief, especially when it comes to emotional issues, and often also with physical issues, and we can also use BodyTalk testing in tandem to select the right trauma to work with, whether there are more issues to work on with either technique.
There’s much more, take a look at and write for more info and registrations at
This is the only training available in Europe (and in the Americas too) in 2018, come and check it out! #RPT#BodyTalk#BodyTalksystem#BodyTalkothermodalities

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Turn healing “inside out” to make it work

From the blog of RPT when it was in the early stages and called reference point therapy. Still extremely relevant and there are very interesting points about level 2 of RPT

Excerpt: “Results speak for themselves The proof, they say, is in the pudding.

Since we started working with KDEs (Key Developmental Events in the womb) in 2008, the success rate we have achieved for our clients has increased five-fold. Not only do people clear the real hidden cause of their problems, they do so without the trauma associated with digging or regressing back through layers of memories and drama.

We have had people with serious diseases, such as congestive heart failure, experience instant remission after clearing the in-utero trauma.[#4] Many of our clients have had a lifetime of psychotherapy, only to discover after a session of clearing KDEs that they simply have no trauma left.

The next time you try to heal yourself or a client, ask yourself whether you are putting the cart before the horse. Are you searching blindly for the mysterious source of all your suffering, or would you like to be lead directly to the source?”

Here is the link to the full article:

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Miracles with BodyTalk By Jamie Fettig D.C., CBI (Certified BodyTalk Instructor)

The 10 session miracles (personal disclaimer: this is an article of 16 years ago when BodyTalk was still developing its complexity and matrix, now often the same results can be achieved in 5/6 sessions or less)
Everyone in BodyTalk has heard about the 1 and 2 visit miracles. So why does it often take 10 visits before some people see changes in their life? I am going to help put this into perspective.
What often happens in 10 sessions with BodyTalk, Western medicine has been trying to do for the last 100 years, largely without success
Many of the people who seek out BodyTalk are Western medical failures. Western medicine has not been able to help them.
After consulting the expertise, the knowledge, and many of the specialists of Western medicine, these people are walking into our offices because they are still “sick”.
If you question people about how many visits they have made to medical doctors, how many tests they have taken, how much money they have spent, how much money insurance has spent, how many pills, lotions and potions they have tried in order to heal themselves, the numbers can be very, very large.
I have seen numerous people walk into the office, some almost crawling, who have said they have been everywhere and tried everything. They have spent years suffering from their “labeled” condition, seeing countless medical doctors, specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other alternative medical practitioners, and despite all of this, they are still suffering.
Their “conditions” have affected not only their lives, but also the quality of them. Their lack of health affects the quality and productivity of their work. They make less money than they could due to their decreased productivity. It affects their energy levels, the quality of their sleep, their moods, and their relationships. Their decreased level of health will often leave them with a feeling of never having enough time and never truly experiencing sustained joy and peace. Their lack of health WILL filter into all areas of their lives and greatly affect the quality of it.
Some Interesting Facts About Medicine
Here are some Western health care statistics in America and what it has done for America.
• 900,000 million visits are made to western medical doctors in the US per year.
• More money is spent per person on health care than in any other country in the world.
• Almost 4,000 dollars per person per year is spent on “Health Care”
• America is 12th (second from the bottom) of the top 13 industrialized nations in the world in overall health.
• 90% of all medical discoveries are made in the US
The ranking of the US on several indicators was:
• 13th (last) for low-birth-weight percentages
• 13th for neonatal mortality and infant mortality overall
• 11th for post neonatal mortality
• 13th for years of potential life lost (excluding external causes)
• 11th for life expectancy at 1 year for females, 12th for males
• 10th for life expectancy at 15 years for females, 12th for males
• 10th for life expectancy at 40 years for females, 9th for males
• 10th for age-adjusted mortality
10 These are numbers of deaths per year:
• 12,000 — unnecessary surgery
• 7,000 — medication errors in hospitals
• 20,000 — other errors in hospitals
• 80,000 — infections in hospitals
• 106,000 —non-error, negative effects of drugs (drugs given correctly, taken correctly, but with the unknown side effect of death!)
These total to 250,000 deaths every year – the third leading cause of death in America behind Heart disease and Cancer. (JAMA July 26th, 2001 issue)
This is what Western medicine, in all its glory, has managed to accomplish. Now, when one understands that this is the reported or the number of admitted deaths by the AMA, things get interesting.
If someone is given an overdose of a drug, and it causes their liver to fail leading to death, how do you think the doctor / hospital reports it? Liver failure? Or death due to error?
In light of this, what do you think the “real” numbers actually are?
To put this into a different perspective,
• This is the equivalent of two jumbo jets crashing everyday!
(How long would you continue to fly?)
• Less than 20,000 deaths per year occur from the “AIDS epidemic”
• The total number of Americans killed in all of the Vietnam War was 50,000
• 0 Known BodyTalk side effects and deaths have occurred since its inception 6 years ago
BodyTalk’s Ability
About 80% of the people who seek a BodyTalk practitioner can be helped. This 80% number includes many of the people that medicine has given up on.
To put that another way, BodyTalk is able to significantly help people on whom even Western medicine has given up and cannot help.
Even if BodyTalk could only help 10% of those people, that would be huge in itself. These are the people that all the “best” and “specialists” could NOT help.
300,000 hours.
That is how long the average person seeking BodyTalk has been neglecting their life and health.
Ten 1⁄2-hour sessions of BodyTalk are often able to do what Western medicine, with all of its knowledge, has failed to do – help them heal, no matter what their diagnosis or prognosis.
This is only 1/10,000th of 1% of the total time they have been neglecting their body.
This improvement then filters into all the other areas of their life that were affected. Lives are changed.
BodyTalk can often significantly help people with:
fibromyalgia, fatigue, allergies, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and emotional disorders in less than 10 sessions.
Western Medicine has NO known cure for these health issues and only offers “attempted” life long regulation with medication.
I am going to repeat that again, NO known cure. Medicine is virtually helpless at helping people heal these issues.
They can only usually control the symptoms with life-long medications.
Are you beginning to see the incredible power of BodyTalk? So when you get the “one or two hit wonders,” congratulations. And if it takes 10 or more sessions, you are often still doing more than even Western medicine can do.
No known deaths, no known side effects, and an 80% success rate.
Seems to me like BodyTalk should be the first “therapy” of choice, greatly reducing the risk of becoming a medical statistic. Nothing to lose, and your health to gain. Thereby making Western medicine the “alternative” choice.
Hopefully, this helps put into perspective exactly what BodyTalk is able to do in as few as 10 sessions.