Ankles and BodyTalk

Did you know that the ankle relates to decision making? This is why indecisiveness can cause instability in the ankle. Any time you “take a big step forward in life” and are
faced with a particularly big decision – such as moving house, changing your job, getting married – you are that much more prone to twisting your ankle, or worse. This is your body
telling you not to rush into things and even to “take a step back”.

• The Gallbladder and Liver meridians run along the outside/front of the ankle and
are the systems involved in planning and decision making where as the stomach/spleen control

the inside of the ankle which represent the ‘thinking through’ and worrying about things. So when people
have endless worry about a decision this will create instability in the ankle.

Why BodyTalk AND RPT, or the reason why I use two different modalities

Why should a BodyTalk Practitioner be interested in RPT as an Other Modality?
While it’s true that RPT in itself does work with traumas, and that may seem redundant (since we work with Active Memory, with the 8th chakra, with Networks and Threads and Search and Retrieval in BodyTalk) it’s really not redundant

1) RPT gives us more knowledge we can work with, more questions to ask Innate, it teaches us about 10/12 points during gestation and the specific trauma that can happen at those points and how it can affect us and our clients in life. Usually clearing trauma at that level clears all subsequent traumas. For instance there is a specific point that when treated clears all abuse trauma of our life, and that’s just one out of 30+ identified traumas that can happen in utero at these point that can clear all subsequent trauma of the same nature
2) It works with and improves coherence and communication, the basis of BodyTalk, of the different minds. We have about 10/12 minds or centers of consciousness (most of which are dealt with in Level 3) and in Level 1 and 2 we focus on the coherence of 3, the head, heart and body minds. As you well know more communication and coherence means better health and it also means better zone depth for the BodyTalk practitioner, who can work with a deeper activation of Innate, a deeper communication. Imagine what the communication and coherence of 3 brains (let alone 10/12!) can mean for you. This coherence is achieved through a technique and through clearing traums in these brains
3) it gives us more information of secondary benefits and hidden gains and how to work with them at a different level than with permissions, it deals with them in particular at a deep level and much much faster than with EFT or similar modalities


4) While in BodyTalk we work with priorities and we don’t diagnose, often a patient comes in with a specific issue and wants both immediate relief and and conscious active participation in their healing. They may not be content to lay on the table and relax during the session, they may want to feel they have an active participation in the healing that is taking place, an active participation that goes beyond the homework that sometimes comes up as a priority at the end of a BodyTalk session. We have all had one session miracles when the patients felt better immediately after the session, but more often than not, unless specific agenda session are a priority, the client leaves the session with an idea of the time it will take for the session to begin yielding results and a time for the complete processing of the session, but no immediate relief. With RPT instead, they will have immediate lasting relief, especially when it comes to emotional issues, and often also with physical issues, and we can also use BodyTalk testing in tandem to select the right trauma to work with, whether there are more issues to work on with either technique.
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